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Vase natur 10x12Ø-0,77kg-1 €39.jpg
Engel perlmutt natur 20,5x19x9-0,91kg-1.jpg
Vase natur schwarz-rot 8,5x9,5ØxÖffnung 1,3-0,46kg-1 €24.jpg

Home ceramics & accessories

Stylish decor – sculptures, angels, coasters, ...

Exclusivity paired with aesthetics and functionality is inherent in all of my ceramic works for the living area. In my online shop you can get an overview of the variety of my creative offerings.

Unique floor vases, vases, bowls, angels and incense bowls are also part of the range, as are coasters for candles, funny plant pots for plants and even fine decorative and art objects.

In my online shop you can buy beautiful and expressive ceramics that you can enjoy every day.

Anker löschen

Selection of home accessories

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