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"How real is reality?"

At the age of 33, a serious, existential life crisis threw me out of my well-ordered life structure. My family and professional self-image was washed away against my will by this huge tidal wave. Life had taken a completely different direction. Thrown back on myself, the processes of reorientation and reinvention were difficult and arduous.

New paths, new opportunities

As overwhelming and painful as this long phase of upheaval was, today, 25 years later, I am so grateful for this path in life. The crisis, which I couldn't understand for a long time, was triggered by a deep spiritual experience. I was lucky enough to be able to overcome this crisis with the help of a wonderful therapist and become whole in a holistic sense.


New consciousness

The immersion into myself and the experiences and spiritual insights I gained about my life and life itself were fascinating because of their simplicity and clarity. This spiritual knowledge is timeless, it makes you modest and humble and at the same time nourishes the longing for the great source that can only be found within yourself.

Multidimensional being

So I can say from my inner knowing that there were no coincidences in my life. Superficial events and behaviors have their causes in the deep and complex aspects of individual and collective life. Just as history is ultimately a reflection of humanity, my life has manifested itself as a reflection of my inner world.

This knowledge of holistic connections on all levels shapes my understanding of the world today. It is constantly expanding and flows into all of my areas of activity.

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