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"The secret of painting lies in not looking, but finding."

Pablo Picasso

Painting through impulse

I owe my access to painting to a visit to the exhibition of the artist Louise Bourgeoise (1911-2010) at the Kunsthaus Bregenz in 2002. The simple sketches and drawings of this world-renowned artist in particular left such a strong impression on me that I came out of nowhere started painting. “I have to paint, there’s no other way!” I follow this inner impulse to this day.

Untitled, blasting technique, 49x33cm-10.jpg

Painting as language

Being able to make my inner world visible on the outside is the gift of painting. In these processes, the conscious and the unconscious mix and my pictures are always about struggling for the optimal image design and message.

Thomas Schelling

Reality arises in dialogue

The complexity of my work reflects my understanding of the complexity and depth of life. So the possibilities of interpretation are open and free. The viewer is asked to enter into a dialogue with his or her own reality.

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