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Robbed children

The exhibition addresses the sexual violence against countless anonymous children who are trafficked and abused for sex all over the world. Their right to a carefree, happy childhood has been stolen from them. The Epstein case shows only the tip of a huge, international iceberg. They vegetate as enslaved creatures in cages or prisons. Sexual abuse also happens in secret, but often in completely "normal" families. Without liberation from these circumstances and processing of their stories, these children have no chance of a life of dignity and humaneness. This exhibition and in particular the painting "Union of Heaven and Earth" is dedicated to all of these children. May they find their own original dignity again.

In the dungeon of violence red.jpg

Robbed children,

Acrylic, 200x65cm

Robbed Children 1 red.jpg

Ritual Abuse, acrylic, 200x65cm

Abuse by father and mother red.jpg

Abuse by father and mother, acrylic, pigments, 200x65cm,

The Rat Tail red.jpg

The Rat Tail by Alfons Walser, former pastor of Eichenberg, acrylic, pigments, oil pastel, 200x65cm,

Retardation red.jpg

Sexual retardation, acrylic, pigments,


Healing in the Ancestral Line red.jpg

Ancestral healing,

Acrylic, 200x65cm,

Sculpture The soul knows the way .jpg

Picture: Heaven and earth unite, acrylic on canvas, 190x240cm

The sculpture "The soul knows the way" emphasizes the importance of looking at one's own concerns. In the therapeutically supported self-reflection of the inner and outer world, spaces of insight and healing arise.

Detail The soul knows the way.jpg

Detail of sculpture

Sculpture: The soul knows the way

Construction technology, 42x28x117cm, 1200°C electric oven

Having been affected by sexual abuse myself, it is important to me to make this social taboo visible to the outside world and to point out the aspect of healing through processing. Shame plays a central role in raising awareness of the emotional mechanisms in the perpetrator-victim role. By allowing the profound shame hidden deep within to show itself and be released, it becomes possible to return responsibility to the perpetrators and to regain one's own dignity.

P1110049 red.jpg

Gallery Querort, 8020 Graz

The ceramic sculpture "The Bowl of Horror" makes the victims visible, while the sculpture "In the Name of the Victims" addresses the role of the church in this regard. Small black clay figures flow out of these sculptures and spread throughout the next room. The symbolism for the victims becomes a spatial installation.

Bowl of Horror new.jpg

Bowl of horror,

Construction technology, 58x58x 21cm​, 1190°C electric oven

P1110064 red.jpg

In the name of the victims ,

Construction technology, 54x48x52cm,

1220°C electric oven

Adopted Shame red.jpg

Adopted shame,

Acrylic, pigments on canvas, 150x200cm

Detail Inviolability of the soul red.jpg

The inviolability of the soul in horror,

Construction technology, 53x17x54cm​, 1190°C electric oven

P1110010 red.jpg

Detail shot

P1110005 red.jpg

Adopted shame

IMG_7088 2 red.jpg

The inviolability of the soul in horror, front view

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