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Thomas Schelling

Welcome to my homepage!

Health, creativity and spirituality


The focus of my work is being human. My own life path and my life experiences have laid the foundations for me to be able to provide other people with competent and appreciative support with a wide range of offers for body, soul and spirit.

Human energetics, art and holistic course offerings

My professional subject areas are extremely diverse and varied and are based on a holistic perspective. As individual and changeable as every person is in space and time, their needs, interests and approaches to themselves are just as different.


With this in mind, I would like to warmly invite you to browse around on my site. I would be happy if you found inspiring thoughts, ideas and suitable offers for yourself.


I look forward to hearing from you by email or telephone, as well as a visit to my practice or my studio in Wolfurt, Schlossgasse 8.

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