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Individual art made of ceramics - art objects for a stylish decoration | Urns, clay sculptures, garden & decorative ceramics

If you are looking for clay art objects that you can use to beautify your home or garden, you have come to the right place. I have been making pottery for many years and have specialized entirely in the so-called construction technique.

With me you will find lovingly designed individual pieces that impress with a high degree of creativity and individuality. This gives you the opportunity to beautify your garden with stylish clay art. This means you don't have to resort to off-the-shelf home accessories and garden decorations, but can instead choose great unique pieces, each of which has its own unique character. Discover my art objects, my clay sculptures, my garden & decorative ceramics and my urns made from this fascinating material on the corresponding subpages.

You are welcome to visit me in my studio in Wolfurt and take a look at my art on site. I also offer you a large selection of ceramics in my new online shop. Take your time to look at my art there and on my website and choose the ceramics that suit your taste. You can inquire about the price of the art objects that are not currently offered in the online shop by email or by telephone.

By the way, I am also the right person to contact if you would like to make clay sculptures or ceramic urns yourself. I also offer painting and pottery courses upon request!

Clay is a million-year-old rock and working with clay goes deep into the soul...

My understanding and engagement with this fascinating material is reflected in the words above.

Variety of forms

I mostly make pottery using the so-called construction technique and therefore enjoy inexhaustible freedom in my formal language. Small art objects, steles, large sculptures, grave decorations and urns are just as much a part of my repertoire as exclusive home ceramics or funny garden ceramics. This ensures fun and variety when making pottery.

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Hardy plastics

Due to the high fireclay content and the high firing temperatures, my works are winter hardy. They can be placed outdoors all year round.

Artistic discussion

In my artistic work I largely avoid the use of glazes in order to preserve the original character of the clay material as best as possible. The shape, the delicately crafted surface design and the attention to detail as well as the appealing color give my works liveliness and warmth.

1F1A6214 red.jpg

The variety of sounds...

“You may hear the sound of the potter’s wheel or the sound of the hands shaping the clay. But can you also hear the sound of the intentions that guide the potter? And can you hear the sounds of the vessel in which all the feelings and thoughts that moved the potter during his work are stored?

No vessel is the same as another, even if both appear identical on the outside. The difference between them lies in the sounds that have crystallized in them. If we just listen carefully, we can hear the moment speak, because every moment has its own sound that has something to say to us.”

(Reshad Feild, The Alchemy of the Heart)

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