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Engel perlmutt natur 20,5x19x9-0,91kg-1.jpg
Vogeltränke tiefblau 42Øx11-4,33kg-1 € 185.jpg
Skulptur 15x14x13 1,2kg 78€-1.jpg

A variety of garden and decorative ceramics for outdoor use

Only the decoration makes the garden complete. So that you can beautify your terrace, your flower beds or your balcony, I offer you a large selection of different art objects whose shape is a real enrichment for the outdoor area. Of course, my garden and decorative ceramics are lovingly handcrafted. I like to use motifs from nature as models, so that you can beautify your garden with ceramic birds, for example. My tall abstract clay sculptures are new and something very special, as they symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, between receiving and giving birth, between abundance and growth.

Be inspired by my garden & decorative ceramics and give your home the finishing touch! Of course, my garden and decorative ceramics are winter hardy. This is due to the high fireclay content and the high firing temperatures.

I am pleased to be able to present you my new online shop shortly, where you can discover and buy more ceramic works, sculptures, pictures, vouchers and much more.

Selection from my creative work

Prices in the online shop or on request

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