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Stylish clay sculptures and art objects for indoor use

In addition to my garden and decorative ceramics, I offer my customers a variety of pottery art objects that are also ideal for indoor use. In my art, I attach great importance to an expressive formal language that leaves a lot of freedom for interpretation. But the clay sculptures can also be individualized through the surface. My art objects always demonstrate my love of detail and material. There is a lot of passion in every ceramic figure. You can display my art objects on a side table or on a sideboard, for example. But you can also find a suitable place on a large desk or on a bookshelf.

"Art does not reproduce what is visible, but rather makes it visible."

Paul Klee

Fascination with pottery

I haven't let go of pottery since I started in 1994. In addition to the material itself, the special appeal of ceramics lies in the wide range of possibilities. From garden ceramics to decorative and residential ceramics to urns and abstract art objects - the variety knows no limits.

Construction technology

I work primarily in the so-called construction technique, which gives me (almost) complete freedom in terms of design. I only use highly refractory clays with different colors.


Art in the narrower sense

In the artistic process, knowledge, experience, inspiration and intuition condense into a new whole. The result becomes visible to the outside world as creative self-expression.

The formal language often emerges from one's own hands.

design means

In addition to the shape, the differentiated processing of the surface is another thing for me

central aspect. I consciously avoid using glazes. Thanks to the high fire in the electric oven, my sculptures are winter hardy and can therefore be placed outdoors all year round.


Sculpture wholeness:  

Sculpture Five Archetypes:

Sculpture proximity and distance:

Other large sculptures:

Small sculptures in Hochbrand and Raku:

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