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Präsenz im Jetzt

Vertrauen und Führung

Entscheidung zur Veränderung 

 Konditionierungen als Blockaden erkennen


Raum für Entfaltung für Körper, Seele und Geist

Aktiviere deine Selbstheilungskräfte!

Entdecke deine Potentiale!

Erfahre dich neu!

Wer bin ich



Body & Mind | Energy work, crystal bed & healing breathing – soul support from a holistic perspective

Do you sometimes feel exhausted from everyday life, can't relax or have the feeling that something is missing in your life? Through my holistic energy work, body and mind experience what is really good for them. Discover what it means to be human in a whole new way - here you will find out a new path to health, spirituality and creativity. We rely on targeted energy work, the tried and tested crystal bed and prana breathing.

A worldview that enables holistic well-being

The body is, in a sense, the vehicle of the mind and far too often preventive health measures only focus on physical well-being. My holistic approach involves body and mind equally, leading to a new understanding of real health and well-being. In our work together, we see you as a holistic being, because body, soul and spirit are by no means separable, but form a complete unit. Holistic energy work is only possible on the basis of a holistic worldview. We work with our visible, complex reality and recognize that it is integrated into an even more complex invisible reality. These two worlds belong together and work together for greater well-being.

What I can do for your body & mind

My services are diverse and always tailored to your personal and individual needs. We recognize the triad of body & mind and soul as the basis for creating a new unity. The body is not only the vehicle of the soul, it has its own needs that must be taken into account in order to avoid illness. We recognize that the body has self-healing powers that have amazing potential.
As part of the universal consciousness, the soul is usually bound in a corset of conditioned thoughts. Targeted spiritual support can help her to develop her enormous possibilities anew and bring about changes.
In our spirit we recognize our own divine origin. Once we succeed in achieving inner silence, we gain access to our higher self.

Which methods do I use for individual spiritual support?

Blockages and stagnant energy flow are essential obstacles to a free-flowing life force. Individual spiritual support can help to create new balance between body, mind and soul.

Energy work:
Everyday life is usually dominated by stress and demands that are difficult to meet. This causes a reduction in life energy. With targeted energy work measures, I support you in finding your life energy again. This includes light work and consciousness training, but also the laying on of hands. With prana breathing we cleanse and strengthen your aura to make you more resistant to adverse influences. But kinesiological tapping techniques and inner journeys are also among my favorite tools.

Crystal bed:
Seven carefully hand-cut, highly pure rock crystals form the core of the crystal bed's effect. The crystal points are placed on a track above the client and are aligned with their main chakras. Focused colored light flows into the chakras at a specific rhythm and can release blockages there, but also activate self-healing. The session with the crystal bed triggers a wide variety of physical and mental sensations and leaves you with a pleasant sense of relaxation deep within you.

Healing breathing:
It has been known in Hinduism for thousands of years that with the help of conscious breathing, human life energy can be increased. This knowledge forms the basis for the different methods of healing breathing. In this way, you can
optimally activate your self-healing powers and support your health in a holistic sense. Experience healing breathing using my self-developed technique!

Now care for your body and soul with energy work!

Try out what loving soul companionship can do for you! Soul accompaniment is supported with energy work, crystal bed units, healing breathing and much more.

Discover holistic energy work now!

Körper & Geist

Holistic worldview & new consciousness

As a holistic being, the human being is deeply integrated with body, soul and spirit into a complex visible and even more complex invisible world. The veils between these two worlds are thinning more and more for many people.

New approaches, new methods and new knowledge are revealed in a variety of ways every day. They push into the field of collective consciousness and thus suggest a new understanding of our interconnectedness with the entire cosmos. There has never been a separation of the worlds, it only exists in human perception.

The body

Basis of our earthly life

The body carries us throughout our entire lives and, through our senses, gives us the gift of perceiving our environment and communicating with it. Everything is stored in the body.

The body as a vehicle for the soul

Unfortunately, we neglect our bodies far too often due to a lack of awareness. High pressure to perform, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and, to an increasing extent, mental illnesses.


The potential of self-healing powers

The body, as a miracle of life, in which approximately 80 trillion cells work together in a miraculous way, carries the wisdom of self-healing power. Nowadays, numerous new scientific findings are constantly opening up new knowledge and new experiences about the wisdom of the human body and its potential for self-healing powers.


The soul

Foundation of our true being

Our soul, as part of the universal consciousness, constantly wants to look and create new things. But caught up in our own socialization, we mostly live a life within social norms and habits. The mind and conditioned thinking control our everyday lives and prevent the soul from developing. This realization holds great possibilities.

The opportunity for change

We can only find the answers in our search for ourselves within ourselves. Consciousness can awaken anew on this journey and open the door to true being.


The ghost

Basis of our divine origin


Our thinking is based on our experiences. Since the earliest days of childhood, emotional and mental conditioning have shaped our understanding of ourselves and our perspectives on the world in which we are embedded.

Space arises in silence

We can only find our divine origin within ourselves. When we become quiet, we immediately notice the constant chattering of our (conditioned) mind, which constantly drives us forward like a hamster wheel. This silence has to be endured at the beginning and the better we do this, the more we come into contact with our higher self and the divine spirit.


Harmony for body, soul and spirit

It is important to continually sharpen your perspective on your own life, recognize blockages, reactivate the flow of energy and strengthen your life force. In this way we promote our health and achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Discover the feel-good factor of holistic energy work now!

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