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Breath is life and life is breath.

In contrast to Western consumerism, breath is given great importance in Eastern philosophies, even in the earliest philosophical writings. Embedded in the cycle of creation, people absorb the content of prana energy (≈ life force, life energy) with their breath.


Prana is understood as the cosmic, universal, all-encompassing energy and therefore as the essence of all life.

The conscious breath

By giving the breath my full attention, a new understanding of the healing power of the breath opens up. By dealing with yourself in a playful way and the possibilities that open up, the practice of healing breath can be easily and easily integrated into everyday life after a short introduction.

On my spiritual path, I have developed my own breathing techniques to support my self-healing powers based on my needs. The nourishing connection to Mother Earth is of central importance.

View your breath as a ray of light and be open to change.

Thomas Schelling
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