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Dignified ceramic urns

I am very careful and loving when making my ceramic urns. This is about honoring people accordingly and giving them a dignified final resting place.

All urns have their own character through their shape and surface design. If you wish, I can also incorporate your ideas into the design. In addition, the ceramic urns naturally comply with the legal regulations regarding volume size. It is important to note that the urn is not suitable for the standardized urn capsule and the ashes are filled in by hand by the undertaker.


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Handcrafted urns

Each of my urns is lovingly handcrafted using the so-called assembly technique. As a unique piece, it honors the uniqueness of every person. Through the appropriate shape, the different design of the surfaces and ultimately through different firing temperatures in the electric oven, each urn gets its own expression.

1F1A6238 red.jpg
1F1A6285 red.jpg

Powerful symbolism

A profound symbolism characterizes the shape and also the surface of the urn, the background of which can be found in the cultural and historical context of human history.

Urn letter of remembrance

As a souvenir, the survivors receive an urn letter with a picture of the urn and a description of the symbols used. The texts listed on the subject of death and dying from different cultures of humanity also serve to support mourning work

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Design your own urn

I would be happy to guide and support you in making your own urn according to your personal ideas and wishes.

Our lives are part of the great cycle. Just as nature has been going through the same phases over and over again in the constant changing of the seasons for millions of years, the star constellations in the sky have been changing night after night for ages, until the same cycle begins again at the beginning of the year, with the regularity of the year .

We only see a small part of this cycle. At birth we enter our visible life and with death our trace seems to be lost again until the next life. In the daily alternation between wakefulness and sleep, we can experience similar things in a small circuit. We live the day and night after night we connect with the invisible.

Additional Information:

All urns meet the legal requirements for volume size. However, since very different cemetery regulations apply in different communities or parishes, I recommend that you find out more from your undertaker in advance. I would be happy to help you clarify any questions you may have.

Selection of urns

The price for an urn of your choice is 720 euros.


If you like my urns, please contact me about them without obligation about currently available urns.

Sound rituals & urn making

In addition to buying an urn, I also offer courses for your own urn. Making pottery for your own urn or an urn for another person offers the opportunity to deal intensively with the topics of dying, letting go and saying goodbye.

Sound rituals support this path and open up a healing approach to the topic of death. This is deeply liberating and enriches life.

Courses on request.

Grave decorations in different shapes and colors:

Angel figures in many variations, abstract small sculptures in a spiritual/religious context, individual shapes for plants, symbols and much more are suitable for the design of graves.

All ceramic objects are hardy and can be placed outdoors all year round.

I look forward to your personal ideas and am always happy to artistically implement your individual grave decoration according to your wishes and ideas.

Grave decorations

Prices in the online shop or on request

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