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Kraft, Beweglichkeit, Gleichgewicht und Regeneration

balance and
are four
factors for this
in old age.

The Latin phrase “Mens sana in copore sano” means: “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” Long before the Romans, it was agreed that the body and the human mind form a unit, so gymnastics with autogenic training is based on a long tradition: gymnastics as a physical exercise and autogenic training as a mental exercise.

My courses and seminars are also suitable for people who are inexperienced in sports, because in order to take part in gymnastics with autogenic training, you need nothing more than the motivation to strengthen your own health.

My gymnastics with autogenic training is not about performance or sport in the traditional sense. Health-oriented exercises for strength, endurance, coordination and muscle stretching form the basis of this holistic body program. Great importance is also attached to feeling into your own body, paying attention (what does my body need at this moment) and consciously slowing down the movement.

Years of experience

I was a gymnastics teacher for 30 years and repeatedly attended courses in yoga, Feldenkrais and Tai Chi. All of these experiences flow into my gymnastics with autogenic training. Combined with conscious breathing, I guide the course participants to establish a deep connection with their own body during the exercises and to practice mindfulness.

Autogenic training

In order to reduce stress and relieve the strain on the cardiovascular system, each gymnastics session with autogenic training ends with a 20-minute deep relaxation session.

"I can highly recommend gymnastics with Thomas Schelling. It combines quality with joy and responsibility and thus provides optimal protection for your health."

Dr. Alexander Kopf, LKH Hohenems

Additional Information:

Due to a lack of space, I cannot currently offer regular gymnastics courses.

I am happy to accept offers for suitable premises and inquiries for future courses.

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