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"Meditation gives us inner peace

the silence of the spirit."

Dalai Lama

Meditation and healing breathing are a targeted form of mindfulness training. Through the silence that occurs during meditation, you become an observer of your thoughts. To support these processes, the attention is repeatedly drawn to the breath. As you continue to gradually move towards conscious breathing, you can immerse yourself in the immeasurable potential of your breath and use the power of breathing specifically for yourself.

My courses and seminars on meditation and healing breathing also require no prior knowledge. Many aspects of this method can be integrated into everyday life in simple steps. Meditation and prana breathing become an important part of your inner perception and in this way open new doors to greater health and well-being.

Meditation = mind training

In meditation we become observers of our thoughts. When we become quiet, we can recognize our everyday thought spirals in the hamster wheel of deadlines, pressure to perform and negative stress. At the same time, there is also an opportunity for change.

Training of inner perception

We delve into our deep knowledge and understanding of what it means to be human. Through the experience we sensitize our perception and activate our self-healing powers with the help of conscious breathing.


Positive impact

Positive physical effects from regular meditation have been scientifically proven many times:

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Lowering cholesterol levels

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Reduction of anxiety and depression

  • Improving sleep quality and much more


The silence ...

... invites us to our origins

to look for ourselves and thereby experience new orientation, inner strength, joy and deep peace. This connection with the higher self gives us new courage and trust for the challenges of everyday life.

Door opener for the new consciousness

Meditation becomes a door opener for the awakening consciousness of the new time. All of life's answers to our questions are present within us. Pursuing these answers and continually questioning your old habits is worth the effort. Because in this way the understanding of our true, multidimensional being opens up.


Multidimensional being

Everything is contained in the silence. In it we can experience our connection to our divine origin as a reflection of unconditional love and discover our true being.

Religious belief transforms into spiritual knowledge.

Seminar: The power from my center – healing breathing and meditation

In these turbulent and fast-moving times, it is more important than ever to focus more inwardly in order to reorientate yourself while decelerating and to find more peace again.

In this workshop, the basics of meditation and the healing power of breathing are combined and explained in depth in numerous practical exercises. This opens up new and easy-to-use ways for participants to regain greater inner clarity and personal well-being.

Date: Saturday March 9th, 2023

Time: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Location:   Atelier Thomas Schelling, A-6922 Wolfurt, Schlossgasse 8

Cost:    120 euros

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