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Welcome to my shop for ceramic urns!

Extensive range of stylish ceramic urns in my online shop

All ceramic urns from my online shop are elaborately, lovingly handcrafted and have their very own character.

Simplicity, elegance and powerful symbolism – my urns can be described with these characteristics. This is achieved with a differentiated design

numerous spiritual symbols embedded in a creative surface design, with different types of clay and different firing temperatures. This makes each urn truly unique, reflecting the uniqueness of every person. In my online shop you can choose at your leisure the ceramic urn that appeals to you most.

For each urn you will receive a lovingly designed urn letter that contains a picture of the urn, various thoughts on the subject of death and explanations of the symbolism used. The urn letter serves as a consolation for the bereaved and becomes a beautiful reminder of the dignified farewell of a loved one.

Important information:

All urns naturally comply with the legal regulations regarding volume size. It should be noted that the urn is not suitable for the standardized urn capsule and the ashes must be filled in by hand by the undertaker.

Since very different cemetery regulations apply in different municipalities or parishes, I recommend that you find out more about this from the municipality or your undertaker before purchasing an urn. I would be happy to help you clarify these questions.

I also offer individual grave decorations and would be happy to advise you on your wishes and options.

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