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The Five Archetypes

The Five Archetypes have found a wonderful location. You stand in the inner courtyard of Wolfurt Castle and help create the stylish ambience of Wolfurt Castle, which has been lavishly restored with many loving details.

The castle has been owned by the market town of Wolfurt for a few years. In the middle of a beautiful local recreation area with a wonderful panoramic view of the entire lower Rhine Valley, Lake Constance and the surrounding neighboring countries, Wolfurt Castle is a worthwhile excursion destination for young and old.

Wolfurt 1 red.jpg

The archetypal human


his ten shadows

Arbitrary Priest –


– Hyperrational scientist

Tyrant –


– Weakling

Greed -


– Scarcity

Sadist –


– Masochist

Dependency –


– Impotence

(Source: B. Litaer, Mysterium Geld. Munich 2000)

According to CG Jung, these 5 archetypes are higher-level universal energies that are effective in people via the unconscious.


If a person is not in his inner balance, the corresponding shadows appear within him.



Look at the world and you see balance and imbalance.


Look at yourself and know yourself.

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